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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Xterra trail run?

The XTERRA Trail Run Series features runs across the country ranging from 5 kilometers to 50 kilometers. Race on islands, through historic cities and across beautiful landscapes. XTERRA Trail Runs range from family friendly to elite level competitions.

Is the Nissan X-Terra the same as the Nissan Terra?

Not to be confused with Nissan Terra. "Nissan X-Terra" redirects here. For the SUV sold in the Middle East with the same name since 2020, see Nissan Terra.

What is Xterra apparel?

XTERRA Apparel is made for the outdoors, designed for all of your adventures. Exclusive designs for a limited time. Bold prints with endūr's signature performance properties.

Why choose Xterra fitness?

XTERRA Fitness is here to help with a wide range of expertly designed treadmills with folding frames, sleek designs, and compact footprints. XTERRA Fitness strives constantly to promote health and make fitness accessible.

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