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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all 100% raw powerlifting meets drug-tested?

All 100% Raw Powerlifting meets are urinalysis drug-tested, which is a true indication that we are sincere in our commitment to make sure our athletes and organization are 100% drug-free.

Is WDFPF the only international organization that takes the drug-free principle seriously?

That same rigour is demanded of all those national organizations affiliated to the WDFPF, as a pre-condition of their registration with the world body. Ours is the only international organization which makes such demands of its members, and this is the true measure of our dedication to the drug-free principle.

What is wrpf?

We aim to grow the sport of powerlifting in our regions by offering lifters a place to showcase their strength under fair standards and affordable prices! Find a WRPF meet near you. Become an official. Check your membership status. World Raw Powerlifting Federation for North and South America.

Is the WDFPF still relevant today?

This remains as important today as it was when the Federation came into being. In pursuit of this objective the WDFPF has adopted the most rigorous drug control procedures in the world.

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