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Frequently Asked Questions

What is open farm dog food?

As a company, Open Farm dog food has a very strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing of ingredients. All the ingredients in a particular bag of food that was sourced are traceable to their origins. Most of the ingredients are sourced from small family farmers who meet Open Farm’s minimum standards.

Where is the farmer's dog food made?

The Farmers Dog is located in New York, NY, United States. How is The Farmer’s Dog Food Made? The Farmer’s Dog Food is backed by years of research on pet nutrition. After consultation with some of the top veterinarians and pet nutritionists in the country, the brand was able to come up with a way to deliver food fresh to your doorstep.

Is open farm a good brand?

Making the switch to human-grade, healthy pet food can be life-changing for your cat or dog, and knowing the difference it makes, it’s kind of a no-brainer to help them feel their best and live long, happy lives. So why Open Farm? Well, in terms of ingredients and sourcing, the brand pulls ahead of others on the market.

What is open farm's dry cat food?

Just like their dry dog food range, Open Farm’s dry cat food range is their staple and is very popular. Open Farm has a unique trait when it comes to its Whitefish recipes. The variation of the whitefish catch from the fishing industry means that the exact fish and the ratio of each in their Whitefish recipes vary.

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