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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a signed binary number?

Signed binary numbers means that both positive and negative numbers may be represented. The most significant bit position is also used to represent sign for 1’s complement • 1’s complement of binary number N defined as (rn-1)-N.

What is the value of a signed?

The value of signed and numbered prints value depends on the artist, the artwork, number of prints, the type of print, and if the signature is an original. The Artist. If you know the name of the artist, you can begin your research. There are several websites that list thousands of artists and millions of prices fetched at auction to enable people to research pictures and value.

Is an int the same as unsigned or signed?

Unsigned and signed variables of the same type (such as int and byte) both have the same range (range of 65,536 and 256 numbers, respectively), but unsigned can represent a larger magnitude number than the corresponding signed variable.

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