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Frequently Asked Questions

How to view the weather in maps?

View Weather Maps on the Terrain. You can get weather information for locations in your terrain. To view weather maps on the terrain: 1. Click . 2. Select Weather from the Live menu. The Weather panel is displayed. 3. Select the weather map you want to show from the Radars & Maps List. The selected weather map is displayed in the 3D Window.

How does a Doppler radar work to watch weather?

The NWS Doppler radar employs scanning strategies in which the antenna automatically raises to higher and higher preset angles, called elevation slices, as it rotates. These elevation slices comprise a volume coverage pattern (VCP). Once the radar sweeps through all elevation slices a volume scan is complete.

What frequency does weather radar use?

Radio waves used in weather radar systems are in the SHF range such as 5.44 GHz or 9.375 GHz. They are transmitted forward of the aircraft from a directional antenna usually located behind a non-metallic nose cone. Pulses of approximately 1 micro-second in length are transmitted.

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