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Frequently Asked Questions

What schools are closing in Stillwater area school district?

The Stillwater Area School District introduced a proposal that would close three elementary schools, Marine, Withrow and Oak Park, beginning in 2017.

Which Minnesota schools are closed for the winter storm?

Storm Closing Schools, Messing With Commute Some school districts in Minnesota are canceling classes as the first major winter storm of the season arrives. St. Cloud Area Schools, Albany, Sauk Rapids-Rice and Sartell are among those closed Monday because of the storm that could deposit more than a foot of snow in some area.

Why is a California School District shutting down for two days?

Correspondent William La Jeunesse reports the latest from Los Angeles. A California school district is shutting down for two days due to "an immense strain" on the school system from rising COVID-19 cases.

Why are California schools still open?

"Across California, school communities – students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and board members together – have worked tirelessly to keep schools both safe and in-person. California schools have been open because of, not despite of, our priority on safety," Newsom said at the time.

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