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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my child in Waterford upstart?

A lifetime of learning success starts here! Please complete the fields above before proceeding. Step 1: Create your account using the form above—you’ll get immediate access to thousands of online early learning activities from our resource library. Step 2: Submit an application to enroll your child in a free Waterford Upstart program.

How can I Help my Child with Waterford mentor?

Acceso a las funciones y características de Waterford Mentor 3. Navegar a través de una sesión completa 4. Ayudar a su hijo a tener éxito con el software adaptativo 5. Comunicación con Waterford Upstart 6. Describir las expectativas del programa así como la importancia de una rutina 7. Entrenamiento de evaluacion de habilidades de Waterford

Does Waterford upstart work?

And it works! Low-income or affluent, rural or urban, children who get their academic start with Waterford Upstart begin on the path toward success. Did you know 2.2 million children do not have access to public-funded early education?

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