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Frequently Asked Questions

What can updox do for You?

Create a collaborative practice, while also eliminating lost documents or need for a paper trail. The Updox Communication Platform helps you deliver the best virtual and in-person care and focus on what matters most—your patients.

What is updox by evercommerce?

Updox by EverCommerce is delivering a new level of integrated, industry-tailored software for health services professionals. Check out our latest openings at Updox as well as other EverCommerce brands here.

How do I use updox patient reminders?

Uses Updox Patient Reminders to send text, phone and email reminders about upcoming appointments. You'll notice a reduction in no-shows since and add value to your practice. Patient will appreciate the reminders because they know they need their visit with you.

Why Practice Fusion with updox?

“ Our Practice Fusion integration with Updox makes us so much more efficient. We can spend more time with patients talking to them and developing great relationships. That makes our patients happier and our staff more satisfied with their work. ” “ Some software ends up wasting your time.

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