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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word undo mean?

Undo is defined as to release, reverse or put an end to. An example of undo is unzipping a dress in order to take it off. An example of undo is a drug addict using drugs after being sober for many years.

What is another word for undo?

v. To unfasten. untie, loosen, release; see unhitch. To bring to ruin. mar, destroy, ruin, wreck, break, bring to naught, subvert, injure, overthrow, unsettle, turn topsy-turvy, upset, defeat. To reverse. annul, cancel, do away with, invalidate; see cancel 2.

How to "undo" several commands?

Using AutoCAD UNDO: It's more than just one step back Undo a number of commands. You can undo several operations by typing a number here. ... Auto option. Auto is turned on by default. ... Control. Control has sub options. ... Mark and Back. If you want to test creating some objects and think you may need to undo to certain point, you can mark before you start playing with your ... UNDO from quick access toolbar. ...

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