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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use virtual backgrounds in Zoom Meetings?

If you click on an animation, you will be directed to Box where you can download the video file. After you download an image, start or join your Zoom meeting, click on the arrow next to “Start/Stop video”, then select “Choose Virtual Background..”.

How do I add a background to zoom?

Select, then download the high resolution Zoom background to your computer. To apply the background screen, launch the Zoom app, then go to the Settings panel. Select Virtual Backgrounds from the list on the left. Then click the plus sign, select add image and upload to Zoom. We Listen. We Care.

What are the system requirements for virtual background in Zoom?

Make sure your computer meets the system requirements for Virtual Background. To achieve the best virtual background effect, Zoom recommends using a solid color background, preferably green. Recommended physical green screens from Webaround or Amazon. Higher quality cameras result in a better virtual background.

How do I add or change my virtual background?

To add or change your virtual background during a meeting, click on the upward arrow (^) next to Start/Stop Video. Click Choose Virtual Background , and select any of your backgrounds! Top 3 tips for the best Zoom Virtual Background results:

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