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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Honda TRX450R come out?

The Honda TRX450R (a.k.a. Honda SporTrax 450R) is a championship-winning quad released in the market from 2004 to 2014. Boasting a 449-cm3 2-stroke engine, 74-mph top speed, and race-inspired chassis, this 4×4 secured its place in history by winning four victories in the grueling Baja 1000.

What are the parts of a TRX450R?

Honda TRX450R parts such as removable aluminum subframe, aluminum rear grabrail, front bumper, rear-facing front suspension reservoirs, and aluminum front-and-rear brake calipers and brackets make the vehicle lightweight and durable.

Does the Honda TRX 450R have a speedo or odometer?

The Honda TRX 450R is generality bulletproof – with its aggressive styling and reliable components. If there is one aspect where it needs improvement, it is in instrumentation. It has the basic clutch, brake, and engine controls and switches. But sadly, the SporTrax does not have a speedo, odometer, or even an oil temperature switch.

How many CC's does a Honda trx250x have?

700cc of power and torque, the ultimiate ATV, Honda dependability, independent rear suspension, new rear tires and wheels, full body skid plates, spar... 2021 Honda® TRX250X, 2021 Honda® TRX250X EXACTLY AS FUN AS IT LOOKS The 2021 Honda TRX250X Sport ATV is serious engineering in the name of serious f...

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