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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a TRX and a 420?

It is a 420 Rancher Four Wheel Drive and Manual Shift without EPS and is a 2021 model. TRX = ATV / 420 = 420cc / F = Four Wheel Drive / M = Manual shift / 1 = No EPS / M = 2021. What is a TRX420FA6M?

What kind of spark arrester does a Honda trx420fa5 have?

The vehicle is equipped with a USDA qualified spark arrester. Obey local laws and regulations. It conforms to US EPA, California, and Environment Climate Change Canada emission regulations for ATVs. 2020 Honda TRX420FA5 4x4 AT TRX420FA6 4x4 AT with Power Steering FOURTRAX RANCHER OWNER’S MANUAL

What does TRX stand for in Honda FourTrax?

TRX = ATV / 420 = 420cc / F = Four Wheel Drive / A = DCT Automatic / 6 = IRS + EPS / M = 2021. Over the years, Honda’s liquid-cooled fuel-injected 420 cc FourTrax Rancher ATV series has built a huge number of loyal followers and for good reason.

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