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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the trx40 a lock for serious users?

Meanwhile: quad channel DDR4, available ECC support, and unlocked overclocking 1 make TRX40 a lock for users that depend on serious computing. Learn more about the premium motherboard designs from our partners. (You will be directed to 3 rd party websites.)

What is MSI creator trx40?

MSI Creator TRX40 AMD sTRX4 DDR4 PCIe 4.0x16 SATA 6Gb/s Extended ATX AMD Motherboard WITH PICTURED ACCESSORIES ONLY IN PLAIN NON-RETAIL OEM BOX! We have thousands of shops and millions of products sold by our sellers, brands, creators, and manufacturers.

Does Asus trx40 support PCIe?

That's why every PCIe x16 and M.2 slot on ASUS TRX40 series motherboards supports PCIe 4.0, delivering up to 32 GB/s bandwidth. With up to five M.2 slots, our latest motherboards come equipped with all the capacity you need to create your ultimate build.

What is the difference between socket strx4 and socket trx40?

For Socket sTRX4, the TRX40 chipset was developed, which provides a total of 88 PCIe 4.0 lanes, an increase from the 66 PCIe 3.0 lanes on its predecessor platform. Also it no longer features a built-in High Definition Audio interface; instead motherboard manufacturers are including a separate audio controller onboard to provide audio functionality.

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