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Frequently Asked Questions

What parts and upgrades do I need for my trx-4?

Here is a list of the TRX-4 parts and upgrades we recommend: Exterior: Team Raffee Co. Steel Tough Front Bumper W/ Hooks and Led Light 1 Set Team Raffee Co. Steel Tough Rear Bumper W/ Hooks and LED Light 1 Set Wheels & Tires Boom Racing HUSTLER M/T Xtreme 1.9 MC2 Rock Crawling Tires 4.75x1.75 SNAIL SLIME™...

Is the Traxxas trx-4 the right radio-controlled trail rig for You?

The Traxxas TRX-4 has quickly become a popular option for “scale R/C” enthusiasts. Being their first radio-controlled trail rig, Traxxas put a number of features into this model, making it a premium option for those looking to get into the crawling and trail scene.

How much does a Traxxas trx-4 cost?

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Body (Clear, Trimmed, and Die-Cut for LED Headlight and Taillight Kit) – $46.95 ( RC4WD Mirror Decals – $8.00 Traxxas “Canyon Trail” Tires and 1.9″ Method Black Chrome Beadlock Wheels (pre-mounted) – $69.95 (

What kind of servo does Traxxas TRX4 use?

Description:Aluminum waterproof micro servo for use with Traxxas's TRX-4 or TRX-6 as the diff locking or gear change servo. Full aluminum case aids with heat dissapation...

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