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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TripAdvisor my trips?

‘My Trips’ makes it easy to save your favourite hotels — so you can always pick up where you left off, whether you’re at home or on the go Use Tripadvisor maps to find great hotels near the things that matter to you With more than a million places to stay, you can always find your ideal hotel on Tripadvisor Know better. Book better. Go better.

How do I find the best value on hotels?

Find the best values on hotels and make the most of your trip. With one click, we compare prices from 200+ hotel booking sites – including the hotel’s own website – to help you find the lowest price on your ideal hotel Only on Tripadvisor: See hotels ranked by our “Best Value” index, combining traveller ratings, best prices, location and more

Is Trip Advisor worth it?

Trip Advisor is something that most…people can rely on. Trip Advisor is something that most people know about, trust and use. If you want quick advice on a destination, cafe or restaurant it helps you instantly decide Yes or No!

What is the United Kingdom known for?

United Kingdom. Comprising Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom—renowned for its vibrant cities and enchanting countryside—encompasses mist-shrouded highlands, wild Atlantic roads, history dating back thousands of years, and a cultural heritage famous throughout the world.

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