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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NSW TrainLink TrainLink?

NSW TrainLink operates regional and intercity train and coach services to more than 365 destinations in NSW, Queensland, the ACT and Victoria. Some booking restrictions are in place to ensure people who live in regional New South Wales can get seats, but in most cases, you're able to book online up to 6 months in advance. Eligibility.

What is TransLink and how do I Register?

TransLink is a user-friendly, online reporting system that helps you manage your merchant payment card business from any Internet-enabled device. Click on the "Register" tab below to get started with TransLink; or if you're already a TransLink user, login below. Want to see how it works? Click on the appropriate demo.

Do I need NSW TrainLink registration details for pensioner travel vouchers?

if using Pensioner Travel Vouchers, you'll need NSW TrainLink registration details for each voucher holder if you're a NSW Trains or Sydney Trains employee you'll need NSW TrainLink registration details (obtained beforehand by presenting your employee travel pass at a NSW TrainLink Travel Centre ).

How do I request a new unique key for TrainLink?

Click this link for the Unique Key Request Form. Note: If you are a DHS (SOS/CO) employee, use your employee ID as your unique key. Do not request a new unique key. Help/TrainLink FAQ: Need help? New to TrainLink? Click this link for the Help and Trainlink FAQ page.

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