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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find additional DHS training and enrollment options?

Additional DHS training and enrollment options for training areas not listed above are available through the links in the Training News and Information page. Locate Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, MHCP Provider, and MHCP Ombudsman training events in Training News and Information.

What is handling MN information securely?

“Handling MN Information Securely” is the suite of courses to fulfill both due diligence and federal requirements for data practices and security training. These courses must be completed annually. As you register, there are 6 core modules that are required for everyone who wants or has access to DHS data.

How do I take the MHCP training?

This training is through our online learning center, TrainLink, where you can take the course on your own time. Training requirement information – MHCP requires this training before enrolling a new provider to provide services through an HCBS waiver or the AC program.

How do I request a new unique key for TrainLink?

Click this link for the Unique Key Request Form. Note: If you are a DHS (SOS/CO) employee, use your employee ID as your unique key. Do not request a new unique key. Help/TrainLink FAQ: Need help? New to TrainLink? Click this link for the Help and Trainlink FAQ page.

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