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Frequently Asked Questions

How does trainline make money?

How does Trainline make money? As our tickets are the exact same price (sometimes even cheaper) as those sold directly by train carriers and we not sponsor ads on Trainline, you may be wondering how we stay alive. Well, our business model is very simple: just like with all travel agencies, the carriers pay us a small commission on each ...

What are the best trains in Italy?

Trenitalia Frecciarossa: Trenitalia's Frecciarossa and Frecciarossa 1000 trains are the fastest trains in Italy, reaching top speeds of 300 km/h and 400 km/h respectively.

How far in advance can I book train tickets?

Typically, train companies release their Advance tickets 12 weeks before the departure date, although some go on sale as far as 24 weeks in advance! Only a limited number of tickets will be available, so be quick to secure yours as the fare can rise as the date of travel gets nearer.

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