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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trainingpro application?

TrainingPro is an online application provided by the Massachusetts Department of Career Services for providers. It allows a training provider the possibly of getting WIOA funding for course (s). See the TrainingPro users’ guide for detail.

What is masshire trainingpro?

This online service makes it easy for your training programs to reach a wide audience of potential students. register now . This manual demonstrates the navigation and main functionalities of MassHire TrainingPro. Search for Section 30, Individual Training Account (ITA) and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) training programs.

How do I apply for WIOA funding through trainingpro?

See the TrainingPro users’ guide for detail. To apply (be considered) for WIOA funding, the providers must be qualified to be on Massachusetts Eligible Training List (ETPL). To be qualified, the providers must submit the required documents to DCS. See requirements to become MA ETPL.

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