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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we look for in cross-training shoes?

We looked for cross-training shoes with design elements that help support multi-directional movements, explosive workouts, cardio/strength circuits, and heavy lifting sessions. These features include flexible uppers, cushioned (yet firm where you need it) midsoles, minimal heel-to-toe drops, reinforced heels, extra grip, and protective overlays.

Why choose the best workout shoes?

The best workout shoes will not only make you look good in the gym but also offer improved grip and support so you can work out safely and with greater effectiveness. You can't be safe enough when dangling heavy weights over your head or jumping laterally during an intense HIIT class.

Are apex 3s good for workout shoes?

If you’re after a versatile pair of all-around workout shoes, the Apex 3s will have you covered. They’re particularly good for HIIT workouts or other workout classes, and indoor gym workouts mixed in with short sessions of treadmill running.

Are there any cross-training shoes available in unisex sizes?

This cross-training shoe is available in unisex-sizing, only. Whether you’re busting a move on the dance floor or simply jumping and lunging around your at-home fitness studio, the Dynamic Pro Training Shoe provides the support you need to stay comfortable while you sweat.

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