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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a partner in a partnership also be an employee?

An individual partner cannot be employed by the partnership business. As the partnership exists only as a relationship between the partners, no partner can be employed in the business as he/she cannot employ him/herself, nor can a partnership employ any other person in its own right.

What is Comprehensive Employment and Training Act?

The Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA, Pub.L. 93–203) was a United States federal law enacted by the Congress, and signed into law by President Richard Nixon December 28, 1973 to train workers and provide them with jobs in the public service.

What is the employment first partnership?

Employment First Partnership Model Funds 30 vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselors and five caseload assistants (CA) who specialize in work incentives planning. Works to plan, match and support individuals in their employment goals.

What is a job partnership?

Jobs Partnership is a 12-week Biblically based study, to instruct students on various topics needed to help improve their personal life and workplace performance. To see hearts and attitudes change towards life, others and work thereby having a firm foundation on which to build a successful future.

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