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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thulam Rasi Palan 2022 in Tamil?

Thulam Rasi Palan 2022 In Tamil? The year will turn out to be pleasant for thulam natives. Lovers bearing this sign may also tie the knot from October to December. You are likely to gain good success in career as well as education. 5. Simma Rasi Palan 2022 In Tamil? 2022 seems suitable for Simma horoscope.

What is Tamil Panchangam 2022?

Tamil panchangam 2022 shows the daily panchangam for each day of this year along with muhurtham timings for different events and undertakings. Upcoming Tamil festivals this year, events and observances based on the Tamil calendar, viratam and upavasam like pradosham (பிரதோஷம்), ekadashi (ஏகாதசி), chaturdhi (சதுர்தி ) etc... is also listed below.

What will be Rishaba Rasi Palan results in 2022?

Rishaba Rasi Palan 2022? Rishaba natives will have mixed results in 2022 but luck will remain on their side most of the time. Your progress will be upto the mark in different aspects such as career, finance, family life etc. 'Dhruv Astro Software' brings you the most advanced astrology software features, delivered from Cloud.

What are the Holy Days in Tamil daily calendar?

We have displayed the Holy days like Amavasai, Pournami, Pradosham, Karthikai in tamil daily Calendar. Also important dates like Ashtami, Navami, Shasti, Ekadhasi, Chathurthi, Maha Sivarathiri Sankata Charthurthi and Thiruvonam. also provides the Tamil Fasting ( Viratha Naatkal) dates.

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