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Frequently Asked Questions

What is active time in MAC-contention resolution timer?

As UE is waiting for the contention resolution which is through PDCCH reception on C-RNTI (in connected mode), the UE should be monitoring PDCCH. So that the time duration in which mac-Contention resolution timer is running, is also considered as Active Time. Which timer is started after msg3 is transmitted?

What is timer resolution?

Developer: Lucas Hale Last updated: 14/08/2020 Timer Resolution is a tool that allows you to change the default Windows timer resolution, which is between 10 and 25 milliseconds.

What happens if the contention resolution timer expires?

If the contention resolution timer expires, the UE considers the contention resolution failed.Then, the UE performs RA again if the number of RA attempts has not reached the upper limit (10). If the number of RA attempts has reached its upper limit, the RA procedure fails.

Which UE will use the maccontentionresolutiontimer?

If the UE is an NB-IoT UE, the MAC entity shall use the macContentionResolutionTimer for the corresponding enhanced coverage level if it exists. Which msg body in you can find macContentionResolutionTimer ?

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