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Frequently Asked Questions

What is timer resolution?

Developer: Lucas Hale Last updated: 14/08/2020 Timer Resolution is a tool that allows you to change the default Windows timer resolution, which is between 10 and 25 milliseconds.

What is the default platform timer resolution in x7007?

Discussion in ' Operating Systems ' started by X7007, Apr 13, 2019 . Please run from the CMD this command. The default platform timer resolution is 15.6ms (15625000ns) and should be used whenever the system is idle. If the timer resolution is increased, processor power management technologies may not be effective.

Does evevolve have a problem with timer resolution?

Evolve currently has some type of timer discrepancy - which is why the timer resolution app makes such a big difference. I am sure they will fix the issue in the next patch. With most other games I don't see a difference at all.

What is the best timer resolution for powercfg trace?

1. After he sets maximum timer resolution - 0.5 ms - his test shows improvement. 2. 15.6 ms is the lowest timer resolution (and default one). One warning in powercfg trace is about extra energy draw when timer resolution is set to lower values than default 15.6 ms.

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