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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Lenovo perks at work do for You?

By leveraging the purchasing power of all our employees, you can save on almost everything you want to buy. Also, earn points for every dollar you spend and get even more stuff for free. 2,135 registered Lenovo Perks at Work members, and growing...

How do I check the status of my Lenovo repair?

Enter your repair ticket, serial or IMEI number below to check your device’s repair status. This tool allows you to check status on most Lenovo repairs. For more information on DCG Premier service, go here.

How do I contact Lenovo customer support?

Please call us when absolutely necessary. Think: WhatsApp us at + 91 80 67916677, email us at [email protected] Idea: WhatsApp us at + 918067916666, email us at [email protected]

Why choose ticketsatwork for employee rewards management?

When it comes to rewarding and incentivizing your employees, TicketsatWork has the most advanced and seamless employee rewards management solution. Recognize and establish incentives for your employees' hard work, years of service, during the holidays and or achievements with an incredible selection of corporate rewards.

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