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Frequently Asked Questions

What does through thick and thin really mean?

through thick and thin Despite all obstacles or adversities, as in She promised to stand by him through thick and thin. This term alludes to penetrating a forest with both thick and sparse undergrowth. Today it is nearly always used with the idea of supporting something or someone in all circumstances, as in the example.

What is the origin of the phrase through thick and thin?

The phrase “through thick and thin” is one of the oldest recorded idioms in the English language, dating back to at least the 10th century when it appeared in the Exeter Book, a collection of poetry from Anglo-Saxon England. People use this idiom when they want to describe pressing on...

Is thick the same thing as fat?

And the difference is that if you're thick, you have the fat or chub or whatever in the right places. It doesn't mean you're fat, though. It basically just means you have lady lumps. lol. Believe it or not, being called this by a guy is usually a good complement. It definitely doesn't mean that your fat or overweight.

What does 'in the thick of Things' Mean?

thick of things(Noun) A central or major role in a situation; a position in which one is surrounded by or very involved in complex, changing events.

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