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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Florida called the Sunshine State?

Florida's nickname is The Sunshine State, adopted officially by Florida legislature in 1970. Florida is the fourth most-populated state in the country, and it's beaches draw thousands of tourists every year.

What are some other nicknames for the state of Florida?

Previous state nicknames included “The Land of the Heart’s Desire,” “The Land Without Law,” “The Science State,” “The Space State,” “The Atomic State,” and many more, according to New Mexico even tried to market itself as “The Sunshine State” but Florida beat them to the punch and officially took the name for itself in 1934.

What do the state nicknames of each state mean?

Some of the state nicknames represent a natural feature, a location, a popular animal, a plant that grows plentiful in that state, or even a historical reference. Below is a list of state nicknames for all of the 50 US states.

What is the nickname of the Keystone State?

The Cornerstone State (used colloquially, especially with reference to Pennsylvania when it is called the Keystone State). Crossroads of the West – Location the Golden Spike was driven into the railroad, the joining point of the First transcontinental railroad. ^ a b c d e f No official nickname.

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