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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the numbers band?

The entire Numbers Band performed at the South Bank Center in 2000. The band, now composed of the Kidney brothers, Hynde, Bill Watson (bass) and Frank Casamento (drums), are still going strong playing in their hometown circuit today.

Who are the numbers?

The Numbers were an Australian power pop band formed by siblings Annalisse (bass guitar, lead vocals) and Chris Morrow (lead guitar, lead vocals) in early 1978. [1] [2] [3] They issued two studio albums, The Numbers (October 1980), which peaked at No. 29 on the Kent Music Report Albums Chart, and 39.51 (April 1982).

When did the Numbers Band 2 come out?

Still, as the Northeast Ohio music scene became all the rage thanks to acts like Devo, Pere Ubu and Tin Huey, major labels continued to bypass the Numbers Band, and they did not release their second album 15 60 75 The Numbers Band 2 until 1982.

What happened to Michael Stacey from the numbers band?

Michael Stacey (guitar), was added prior to the cutting of their 1976 live album Jimmy Bell's Still in Town. The following year, Gleason was replaced by Bart Johnson (bass). The Numbers Band, like most of the other Ohioans, never became renowned nationally and were not signed by the major labels .

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