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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses foundation for a drug-free world materials?

Foundation for a Drug-Free World materials are in use by tens of thousands of schools and over 800 law enforcement agencies across the globe.

What is the truth about drugs Foundation?

These materials and activities have helped people around the world learn about the destructive side effects of drugs and thereby make the decision for themselves to not use them. The Foundation provides information you need to start a Truth About Drugs education and prevention activity in your area.

How do I get a link to drug-free world?

To get authorization for a link to, email the Foundation’s Program Coordinator at [email protected], summarizing your needs and, as you wish, asking for the Drug-Free World web banner.

How can I learn the truth about drugs?

Learn the Truth About Drugs, enroll in the free online courses. There are Drug-Free World chapters all over the world. To join a local chapter or start your own, contact us.

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