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Frequently Asked Questions

Are snacks allowed on Whole30?

Many snacks come in the form of a “bar” – granola bar, protein bar, fruit and nut bar, snack bar, etc. A lot of these more “typical” bars are packed with unhealthy fillers like sugar, grains, flavoring and additives. While the goal with Whole30 is to eat 3 meals and limit snacking, snacks ARE allowed on Whole30 as long as they are compliant.

What are Whole30 bars?

I primarily think of these Whole30 Bars we compiled as “emergency food.” You always want to keep some emergency food on you just in case you get stuck in traffic or are at a party without compliant food. A goal of the Whole30 program is to help us identify what, when and how we eat and to guide us in making better choices.

What are the best CBD products for Whole30?

Beak and Skiff – The first Whole30 Approved© CBD brand! Organic Sparkling Waters with 20mg CBD per serving, 0 Calories & 0 Sugar. Hydrate with a boost! Use code WHOLE30 for 15% off. Hoplark HopTea – They’re what happens when you brew tea like a craft beer. Clean, simple ingredients deliver brilliant hop flavors and aromas without the additives.

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