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Frequently Asked Questions

How to import a PPT template?

How to Import a PowerPoint Template Download a PowerPoint Template. Microsoft supplies a wide range of templates for download at ... Import and Load a PowerPoint Template. ... Apply Imported Template to Existing Slides. ... Fix Problems with PowerPoint Template Location. ... Create Custom PowerPoint Templates. ...

How can I get a PowerPoint presentation template?

Open the file you want to save as a template. Click on the File menu. Click on ‘Save As’. Select the destination folder you’d like to save the template in. When the Save As dialogue box opens, give your template a suitable name then set the “Save as type” select box to “PowerPoint Template” and click the ‘Save’ button.

How to create simple power point templates?

How to Quickly Make Simple PowerPoint Slide Layouts Customize the Text. Simple, elegant PowerPoint templates usually have image placeholders for impressive visual presentations. Insert a Photo. Professional simple PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements make adding images a breeze. ... Delete Unnecessary Placeholders. ... Move Objects on the Layout. ...

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