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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is telnet and what does it do?

Telnet is a computer protocol that provides two-way interactive communication compatibility for computers on the internet and local area networks. Telnet has a command-line interface and is famous for being the original protocol from when the internet first launched in 1969.

Is Telnet legal or illegal?

what kinda commands r u using with telnet? are u telnetting to port 80 to fetch the data? that should be pretty safe.. using telnet is not illegal . you can use it toget dataone usage records . Router Restart Method or Tool for BSNL Happy Hours Working on Windows 7??

Why is Telnet is bad?

Telnet is BAD Telnet's simplicity is its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. One of the biggest problems with telnet is that whatever text you type in is sent across the network essentially unchanged. This is a problem primarily because people typically need to log into the remote computer in order to use it with telnet.

Why is Telnet still being used?

Telnet is still being used because it is the natural connectivity tool for bar code scanners, RF terminals, and other data collection tools. The type of information transmitted between telnet and server is plain text and mall graphics which makes the protocol nimble, consistent, fast, and lightweight or requires a limited amount of RAM.

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