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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ara rentalu?

ARA ’s RentalU provides our members with online learning and online courses in every area of our industry. Training your employees has never been easier. Visit RentalU and you’ll be able to assign courses to employees, take courses, and learn from other ARA members. At a Glance . As of June 30, 2020.

Who can be a cap user in Microsoft Teams?

Only a Teams-licensed user who is assigned a phone policy that enables the Common Area Phone “experience”. Thus, user configured for CAP mode are regular users and can be added as Contacts/Favorites just like any other Teams user.

What is a regular user license for Microsoft Teams?

A regular user license (like an E1) is required to sign into client’s which support the entire host of Teams features (channels, calling, chat, meetings, etc.) Great article – has been so useful to me the past few months.

Can I remotely sign into my Microsoft Teams phone?

This feature is finally here on some Teams Phones: It’s not quite the same thing as this doesn’t add anything new in terms of remotely signing into a device. It only provides the ability to associate a device with a specific tenant. You could already use the same Device Login process to remotely sign into the phone.

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