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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five types of taxes?

The five most common types of taxes are those on: Earnings; individual income; corporate income; wealth and consumption. The first kind of tax is on earnings. A payroll tax is a tax levied on income earned from one’s job. Examples include taxes for Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance.

Why do we use taxes?

Taxes, which are the main source of federal, state and local government revenues, pay for buildings, public education, highways, airplanes, rockets, road signs, and the salaries of millions of government employees. Large amounts of tax revenues are raised from levies on personal incomes, including investment income.

What is the best way to do taxes?

Bust out the calculator and fill out the paper forms yourself. Buy tax software that does the math and fills out the forms for you. Hire a tax professional to do the heavy lifting.

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