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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sushi bars in San Mateo?

The Best 10 Sushi Bars in San Mateo, CA. 1 1. Sapporo Rock-N-Roll Sushi Restaurant. 2 2. Sushi Sam’s Edomata. 3 3. Sushi Maruyama. 4 4. Sushi Yoshizumi. 5 5. Fuji Sukiyaki. More items

Is sushi Sam's edomata good?

The service was excellent - very quick and the servers were friendly. The only thing that is different compared to other sushi restaurants is that rice had to be ordered separately from the chicken teriyaki. Does Sushi Sam's Edomata take reservations?

What kind of sushi is at sushi Sam's?

Choose from maki or temaki sushi or opt for the special rolls that are all made with fresh ingredients. Sushi Sam’s uses seasonal fish such as the butter fish, amberjack, black cod, and blue shrimp whenever possible. Enjoy a three-piece or six-piece sashimi order with options of hamachi, salmon or the seasonal chef choice sashimi.

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