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Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays the new Superman?

Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. (The CW) Tyler Hoechlin, 33, is the latest star to become the Man of Steel. The Teen Wolf alum made his first appearance as Superman in a 2016 episode of Supergirl and...

Who is the cast of the new Superman movie?

As General Zod, Shannon will go toe-to-toe with Henry Cavill, who plays the new Clark Kent/Superman in the film. The main cast also includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Martha and Jonathan Kent.

What is the title of the new Superman movie?

The title of the new Superman film became 'Superman: The New Movie', scheduled for release in Christmas 1991. It probably would have featured the same elements as the 'Superman V' Cary Bates script, including a parallel universe, the shrunken Kryptonian city of Kandor, and Superman's battle against Brainiac! Though, this has not been confirmed.

Did Henry Cavill quit Superman?

Henry Cavill responds to rumours he’s quit Superman role with bizarre video. Henry Cavill has responded to rumours he’s stepping down as Superman in the DC cinematic universe, with possibly the most bizarre video you’ll see all day. It was claimed the actor will not return to don the red cape after talks fell through with Warner Bros,...

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