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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find peak sun hours for my solar panels?

PVWatts Calculator The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s PVWatts Calculator is an excellent tool for estimating how much solar energy your solar panels will produce. (In fact, it is the data source for our peak sun hours calculator.) To use it to find peak sun hours, first enter your address in the search bar and click “Go”.

Why do I need to calculate the amount of Sun I Need?

This is an important step when designing a solar power system for your home: if you underestimate the amount of sun you'll end up buying more solar modules than you need. If you overestimate the sunlight, you won't buy enough modules. The average amount of sun that you receive each day throughout the year is called your Peak Sun Hours.

How much sunlight does the Sun get per square meter?

Then we can express this value in peak sun hours. So if, say, you live in Phoenix, AZ, you can expect to receive around 5.8 peak sun hours per day on average. Put another way, on an average day, the sun will pump out 5.8 kilowatt hours of sunlight per square meter.

How many hours of sunlight is best for solar panels?

However, when looking at the best states for solar in the U.S. there certainly is a trend: having at least 4 hours of typical peak sunlight is best for solar panels. What is a “peak sun hour”? An important clarification to make with the term “sun hour” is that it does not refer to merely hours of daylight.

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