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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose sunation?

Since 2003, SUNation has grown to be one of the largest solar and energy contractors in Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island with over 7,500 Residential, Commercial and Municipal solar projects saving Long Islanders well over $20 million each year by powering their homes and businesses with sustainable, renewable energy.

Who is sunation solar?

SUNation Solar is an AWESOME Company!!! Our salesman Johnny Leach is a gentleman and is very informative on Solar Systems. It was easy to understand what he was saying to my wife and I, which made our decision easy to male and have SUNation install the Solar Panels.

How has the cost of solar power decreased over the years?

Cost of solar power has decreased over the years with affordable solutions and attractive financing. We at SUNation offer affordable renewable electricity from large scale installations and rooftop solutions there by reducing High electricity bills and conserve the energy.

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