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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is status audio's audio?

Most models we test use a single driver, but Status Audio puts three drivers in each ear, which theoretically helps deliver more precise audio performance. This has the potential to kill battery life, which makes the 12-hour estimate here genuinely impressive.

Why choose status audio between Pro Wireless earphones?

The true wireless Status Audio Between Pro earphones deliver solid battery life and a bass-forward, bright sound signature in a unique, eye-catching design. PCMag editors select and review products independently.

Are the status audio CB-1 over-ear headphones worth it?

The Status Audio CB-1 over-ear headphones are comfortable and feature a rare lack of branding. That said, if you're used to consumer headphones that pump up bass or accentuate vocals, the CB-1s might sound dull. Similarly, the Audio-Technica M50x, one of our favorite monitor-style headphones, have brighter, more detailed audio with tighter bass.

How do I connect the status audio to the earbuds?

The left ear cup has the cable input and Status Audio includes a coiled cable and an extended-length straight cable as well as a 1/4-inch adapter (but sadly no storage case or bag). Just make sure you twist and lock the cable in place or you'll likely get some static from not having a solid connection.

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