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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the status audio CB-1 worth it?

The Status Audio CB-1 are a mixed bag throughout, but subtract the bad from the good and you’re still left with a very good-value pair of headphones. Their scale of sound is the top feature, provided by large 50mm drivers.

Is the status audio CB-1 a de-branded Somic mm163?

Whispers online suggest the Status Audio CB-1 might be a de-branded version of the Somic MM163, but when they’re no longer widely available, it doesn’t really matter either way. Build quality is a strange mixed bag.

Are the Audio-Technica CB-1s any good?

That said, if you're used to consumer headphones that pump up bass or accentuate vocals, the CB-1s might sound dull. Similarly, the Audio-Technica M50x, one of our favorite monitor-style headphones, have brighter, more detailed audio with tighter bass.

What is a CB-1 headset?

A unique bi-fold design collapses into a small form factor, ideal for travel and commuting. We've outfitted some of the finest recording studios in the world with CB-1s, and offer deep discounts for customers purchasing 5 or more. The CB-1 headphones are a cult favorite among musicians, producers, audio engineers and audiophiles. Sound Advice.

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