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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sound quality of the status audio BT one?

Status Audio BT One Review – Sound Quality 1 Low End. The BT One exhibits a pretty decent low end. ... 2 Midrange. I’ve been a fan of the Status Audio sound since I demoed their IEM 2X earphone a year ago. ... 3 High End. In the highs, the BT One feels just slightly emphasized. ... 4 Soundstage. ...

Are status audio CB1 headphones good?

The Good The Status Audio CB-1 headphones sound much better than their low price might suggest. Extra padding on the ear cups and headband give you all-day comfort. Removable coiled and straight cords included. The Bad Though comfortable, the ergonomic ear pads don't offer the best sound isolation.

Should you buy the status BT one on-ear headphones?

There are some aspects that are less-assured – parts of the build feel a little flimsy and the buttons are stiff – but for price, the sound quality is super-impressive The BT One are Bluetooth on-ears from New York City-based brand Status, which claim to offer premium sound at an affordable price.

How much do the status BT one cost?

The BT One went on sale in 2019 for an RRP of £87/$120/€99/CAD$152 – you can purchase them for £42 directly from the Status website. The Status BT One are a petite pair of on-ear, closed-back headphones. Compared to the AKG Y50 or even Y50BT, which are small by headphone standards, they’re positively dinky.

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