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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes statusstatus audio's between pro so good?

Status Audio did not skimp on audio firepower, stuffing a 10mm dynamic driver and 2 balanced armatures underneath the Between Pro’s handsome sheath. What ends up coming out of these buds is a compelling mix of warm and bright sound that lends itself well to most music genres, despite the bass being super aggressive on certain tracks.

Why choose status audio between pro earbuds?

Over two years in development, Status Audio's Between Pro earbuds are a leader in acoustics and technology, with a completely reimagined approach to design. Four microphones with cVc ambient noise reduction, ensuring stellar call quality

What is status audio?

Status Audio The project team has begun shipping their products. The delivery may be affected by shipping challenges and delays. Learn More We are Status Audio . We build premium-quality, minimalist-inspired headphones that deliver audiophile sound for an honest price. We've been hard at work at the Between Pro for over two years.

Is the status audio between pro a good alternative to AirPods?

The Status Audio Between Pro is a worthy AirPods competitor, though it could benefit from more features and a lower price point. Status Audio is a name that rings a bell in Amazon shopping circles. Many of their wireless headphones and earphones have earned high ratings from budget shoppers and make for great inexpensive gifts.

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