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Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening in space?

What is really happening in space? Planets are circling stars, stars are circling galaxies, dust and gas are coalescing into new star systems, old stars are dying and exploding, and generally everything is obeying laws of physics mostly like we expect. (Issues TBD: dark matter and dark energy.)

Which space probes are in space?

The earliest space probes in the U.S. space program were the Mariner series, which investigated Mars, Venus, and Mercury, and the Pioneer series, which explored the outer planets. Pioneer 10 was the first human-made object to entirely escape the solar system.

What is space inside the universe?

The common misconception is that space is nothing. Space is a thing that can bend and expand and contains everything in the universe. Imagine a balloon and you can call the helium inside the balloon as the space and the balloon’s surface as the container for the universe.

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