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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best soup recipes to try?

More soup recipes. 1 Chilled courgette soup. by Liberty Fennell. Light meals & snacks. 2 French onion soup. 3 Celeriac and apple soup with bacon and parsley. 4 Alpine cheese soup. 5 Tuscan bacon and bean soup with wild garlic pesto. More items

What is the most popular soup in England?

1 London Particular. London particular is a traditional English soup made from dried whole peas or yellow or green split peas. 2 Menestra de verduras. ... 3 Iced Coconut Soup. ... 4 Tattie Drottle. ... 5 Bermuda Fish Chowder. ... 6 Scotch Broth. ... 7 Cawl Cennin. ... 8 Cock-a-Leekie. ... 9 Cullen Skink. ... 10 Mulligatawny. ...

Why are British soups so popular in the winter?

When the winter storms are raging outside, it is time to hunker down and enjoy a warming, winter soup. There really is nothing better. These are the best British soup recipes for winter and are made with good, hearty root vegetables, beans, and pulses and are more like complete meals than a bowl of soup. Which is why they are so loved here.

What is chicken and leek soup?

Chicken and leeks are a lovely combination in any recipe, but together in a soup recipe, perfect. This chicken and leek soup is also known as "cock-a-leekie" soup in the Scottish kitchen, but whatever you want to call it, it is delicious, filling soup and very easy to make.

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