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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a large rim soup bowl?

Rimmed Soup Bowl – A bowl that is medium to large in size (7 – 9 inches). These bowls are used for serving soups and have a rim that is often used for setting crackers on.

What is soup serving bowl?

The temperature and texture of the soup determines the bowls’ shape. Thick, chunk-filled soups, like a hardy beef soup, retain heat and are served in shallow, wide bowls – which releases heat well. If soup has a smooth texture (pureed soup) it is served in a deep bowl – which hold heat well.

What is a soup bowl?

soup bowl - a bowl for serving soup. bowl - a dish that is round and open at the top for serving foods.

What is the soup bowl?

Definition of 'soup bowl'. soup bowl in British. soup bowl in Hospitality. A soup bowl is a bowl, usually wider and more shallow than a cereal bowl, in which soup is served. SIMILAR WORDS: Divide the soup between four soup bowls. Soup served in a soup bowl is eaten with the soup spoon.

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