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Frequently Asked Questions

Is lovelovely day a good song?

Lovely Day isn’t exactly disco but it offers its own version of dancefloor transcendence, from the chatty burble of the bassline to the “daaaaaay” towards the end, which Withers sustains for a record-breaking 18 seconds in a rare instance of vocal showboating. It is impossible to hear this song without feeling better.

Why did the Rolling Stones duet with Bill Withers?

Womack wrote the song in 1964 but it was the Rolling Stones who made it famous, and this raucous duet coaxes a raw Stones-y energy out of a singer who usually operated in a more laidback mode. The way they throw lines back and forth in the chorus sounds like the recording was a heap of fun, at a time when Withers really needed some.

How did Bill Withers get famous?

Featuring Booker T & the MGs and Stephen Stills, Withers’ blend of soul and folk wasn’t exactly DIY but its charm lay in its downhome simplicity. He wrote his concise, perfect breakout hit after watching Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick as codependent alcoholics in Days of Wine and Roses.

How many songs did Bill Withers chart on Billboard?

In all, Withers charted 24 songs on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart, with thirteen of those also reaching the pop chart - the Billboard Hot 100. In tribute to the late legend, DJROBBLOG has put together what it considers Withers’ ten most compelling songs, along with the stories of what made them so.

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