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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Eric Burdon and the animals come out on Apple Music?

The Best of Eric Burdon and the Animals (1966-1968) by Eric Burdon & The Animals on Apple Music

Are there any live or redone versions of Eric Burdon's songs?

These are live or redone versions of Eric Burdon 's solo hits and the hits he did with his 1960s group, the Animals. There is no case here where he improves on the original versions, and this collection is recommended for diehard Burdon fans only.

Who wrote the Bee Gees song'birds of prey'?

The song was written by Barry and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees and released July 14,1967 (UK) on their album 'Bee Gees' 1st'. The song is also on The Greatest Hits of Eric Burdon And The Animals that was released in 1969 and contains three Top 15 hits.

What songs did Eric Burdon originally write?

Eric Burdon originally did It's My Life, Crawling King Snake, It Hurts Me Too, Lights Out and other songs. Eric Burdon wrote A Girl Named Sandoz, When I Was Young and Inside Looking Out. Explore

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