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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the songs in the animals?

The Animals Songs List 1 Baby What's Wrong 2 The House Of The Rising Sun 3 F-E-E-L 4 I'm Mad Again 5 The Right Time 6 Around And Around

Who is the current lead singer of the animals?

In 2016, Burdon formed the current lineup of The Animals, including Johnzo West (guitar/vocals), Davey Allen (keys/vocals), Dustin Koester (drums/vocals), Justin Andres (bass guitar/vocals), Ruben Salinas (sax/flute) and Evan Mackey (trombone). Dispute over ownership of band name

What are Your Top 5 favorite Animal Crossing songs?

San Francisco Nights - (studio, with The Animals) 2. Ring Of Fire - (studio, with The Animals) 3. I Put A Spell On You - (studio, with The Animals) 4. Mama Told Me Not To Come - (studio, with The Animals) 5. Good Times - (studio, with The Animals)

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