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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Marianne Faithfull?

At the onset of her singing career in the mid-‘60s, Marianne Faithfull possessed a voice nearly virginal in its execution. A protégé of Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Odlham, Faithfull played up her teen-idol status with an unusual sense of class and sophistication despite the wide-eyed innocence of her public persona.

When is Marianne Faithfull's Vagabond Ways reissue?

Marianne Faithfull’s Vagabond Ways reissue will be released on March 4th. The album includes a selection of previously unreleased bonus demos and an unheard studio track, plus new liner notes. Vagabond Ways will be available on LP, CD and digital.

What happened between Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull?

Faithfull’s romance with Jagger ended acrimoniously, and that bitterness worsened when the Stones denied her co-songwriting credit on “Sister Morphine,” a song from the band’s 1971 classic Sticky Fingers. Faithfull recorded it first, as the b-side of her 1969 single “Something Better,” and members of the Stones even play on her rendition.

What is Faithfull about?

Opening innocently enough with the radio-friendly 1965 triple-threat of a harpsichord riff, tambourine rhythm and pillowy strings, Faithfull takes what could be a benign slice of baroque pop and turns it into a quietly confident ode to embracing solitude instead of settling for someone.

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