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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SonarQube a good static code analysis tool?

Checkmarx). SonarQube is a great static code analysis tool but I notice that there is only a few rules of the "Vulnerabilities" type ("Vulnerabilities" equals "Security", am I right?). I plan to extend some custom plugins including a lot of vulnerabilities rules (maybe hundreds of rules for C/C++, Java, and other languages that SonarQube supports).

What is SonarQube?

SonarQube is an automatic code analysis tool to find bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells in your source code. It can be integrated with the existing development workflow to enable continuous code analysis across project branches and pull requests.

How many languages can SonarQube analyze?

SonarQube can analyze up to 29 different languages depending on your edition. The outcome of this analysis will be quality measures and issues (instances where coding rules were broken). However, what gets analyzed will vary depending on the language: On all languages, "blame" data will automatically be imported from supported SCM providers.

How to integrate SonarQube with continuous integration (CI)?

Continuous integration (CI) pipeline should be triggered to produce builds, run unit tests and to analyse the source code with the help of the SonarQube scanner. CI tools that can be easily integrated with SonarQube analysis are Jenkins, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, and others.

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